The Vancouver Functional Programming Meetup is sponsoring a space where people interested in learning the language can work together doing exercises from the book Haskell From First Principles

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Learn  Haskell's basics effectively by doing it together  

What we will cover?


Haskell Meetup Host

Roman Gonzalez

Following is the schedule of our Workshop, if you want to learn more about our Code of Conduct and expectations, please go to our Github Page.

Week 0 (September 11th to September 17th)

Chapter 1 - All you need is Lambda (Read on your own, 17 pages)

Week 1 (September 18th to September 24th)

Setup development environment

Introduction to Stack, package.yml and  stack.yaml

Introduction to Stackage and snapshots

Introduction to GHCi development and customization

Chapter 1 - All you need is Lambda (Review and conversation)

Chapter 2 - Hello, Haskell! (Read on your own, 36 pages)

Week 2 (September 25th to October 1st)

Chapter 2 - Hello, Haskell! (Review and conversation)

Chapter 3 - Strings (Read on your own, 16 pages)

Chapter 4 - Basic Datatypes (Read on your own, 23 pages)

Week 3 (October 2nd to October 8th)

Chapter 3 - Strings (Review and conversation)

Chapter 4 - Basic Datatypes (Review and conversation)

Chapter 5 - Types (Read on your own, 29 pages)

Week 4 (October 9th to October 15th)

Chapter 5 - Types (Review and conversation)

Chapter 6 - Typeclasses (Read on your own, 44 pages)

Week 5 (October 16th to October 22nd)

Chapter 6 - Typeclasses (Review and conversation)

Chapter 7 - More functional patterns (Read on your own, 46 pages)

Week 6 (October 23rd to October 29th)

Chapter 7 - More functional patterns (Review and conversation)

Chapter 8 - Recursion (Read on your own, 19 pages)

Chapter 9 - Lists (Read on your own, 39 pages)

Week 7 (October 30th to November 5th)

Chapter 8 - Recursion (Review and conversation)

Chapter 9 - Lists (Review and conversation)

Chapter 10 - Folding Lists (Read on your own, 31 pages)

Chapter 11 - Algebraic Data Types (Read on your own, 65 pages)

Week 8 (November 6th to November 13th)

Chapter 10 - Folding Lists (Review and Conversation)

Chapter 11 - Algebraic Data Types (Review and conversation)

When & Where?

The workshop is going to take place in Unbounce HQ every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm starting on September 18th, 2017

Brooklyn Zelenka

VanFP  Meetup Host

Xavier Perez

VanFP  Meetup Host


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